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Gainesville is Grandslammed By High GRU Bills

Business Owners: Are you paying the wrong GRU rates?
Did you know... You could be legally entitled to a refund and lower bills?
Watch the video below and learn the six (6) ways to lower Your GRU bills

How to Get the Best Possible Deal on Your GRU Utility Bill

By Jim Konish,
Independent GRU Rate Analyst

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"Jim Konish Showed Me How the GRU Utility Tax Represents a Bernie Maddoff Scheme"
- Elected Official
"I Was Mad That After Installing a Solar Hot Water Heating System, My Savings Were Dissipated..."

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We help non-residential GRU customers take control of their GRU bills. As the bundled bills we receive are extremely high, and complex, we advise you to fill out the form below to allow us to give you FREE impartial advice.

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Do you own a business in or near Gainesville? Check out our success stories from business owners who were unfairly charged on their GRU utility bill. See how much you could save!

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Jim Konish, Attorney, Member of the Florida Bar Since May 1980

Professional Accomplishments
Landlord with Tenants on Master Meters
Sued the City of Gainesville over how it calculates the Utility Tax on GRU bills, etc. (See More)

Public Service
Regularly attended meetings for 20 years to learn more about GRU and why our bills are so high
Invited by the Honorable Keith Perry to work with him, his staff and others to draft the "Perry Bill" on GRU Governance (which will go before voters in November 2018)
Unwavering commitment to the Public Interest in lieu of personal gain

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How to Get the Best Possible Deal on Your Utility Bill
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